Testing QA

Testing QA

SOFTRISE TECHNOLOGIES Labs has been conducting online systems Quality Assurance tests for customers around the world for many years. Our QA checks are aimed at improving the internal QA tests of the same software providers, the software user acceptance tests, the customer user acceptance test tests, and/or the pre-certification tests.

These software testing services are provided by our test labs in INDIA .etc

Scope of the Quality Assurance Test / User Acceptance Test

This quality assurance test is performed according to the specifications or test scripts provided by the software vendor or end-user. Our software quality assurance tests typically include ease of use, reliability, performance, service outages, emulations, simulations, and more.

Scope of the Pre-certification Test

The pre-certification tests are mainly conducted within specific standards. However, our software tests also include specifications, service outages, emulations, simulations, and more. The purpose of our pre-certification test is to ensure that the software is ready for compliance certification, thus reducing the time and costs required to perform subsequent software compliance tests.

Our software test will include any combination of the following tests as needed:

Unit Testing
Functional tests
Regression tests
Emulation test
Simulation tests
Integration test
Performance test
Evaluation of mathematics/strategy
Application security assessment
Compatibility test of browser and operating system
Test on mobile devices (iOS & Android)
Revision of the source code
Review of documentation
Test script generation


We dedicate all our experience to software development that can simplify your work by increasing your company's business.

That's why we take care of our customers and want them to have a smooth experience.

Our team of programmers plays a fundamental role in ensuring 100% reliability of the software so that it is free of bugs and in compliance with the most updated technological requirements.

We also provide Quality Assurance and Software Testing services to provide adequate guarantees concerning quality standards and the performance, usability, and robustness of the software.

In this, we guarantee our customers the best result they can get from