Graphic Design

Graphic Design

At the end of the discussion with the customer, some ideas are put on paper. The drafts in pdf format are examined and the most convincing solution is put into production. The development of the idea is the most delicate phase: we proceed to the creation of the graphic project by processing the contents and images that you have provided us. This phase is followed by the drafts in pdf format through which you will have the opportunity to request changes or clarifications on the choices made. Once the best solution has been chosen, in the case of graphics and prints, the conclusion is represented by the "printing visa": by e-mail you declare that you have carefully reviewed the project and authorize its production. At the end of the project the collaboration is not interrupted. The report continues to evaluate any interventions to be performed subsequently.

It is possible to request the delivery of a pdf file ready for printing or of printed and delivered copies


The graphic work, therefore, consists in:

Print books, magazines, and catalogs.
Print posters, posters, flyers, invitations, calendars.
Graphic design of CD and DVD covers.
Graphic design of websites.
Design of graphic parts for films and videos.
Graphic design for social media.

To carry out these activities, our department uses materials for drawing and graphics and computers with specific software for drawing (especially Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign).


We also take care of the company logo creation. If you need a logo to export your name to every corner of the world, rely on our creativity. We will provide you with a series of drafts to choose from, modifying the details together with you, from the choice of lettering to the coloring. Each logo that we create will be provided in the most common graphic formats, together with a short guide to use, to allow you to insert it within all the communication relating to your company. The next step will be to adapt the logo in the most common formats necessary for the presentation of your product. The coordinated image is in fact the first step of corporate communication: business cards, letterheads, block notes, envelopes, brochures, presentation folders, document holders, invitations, and anything else that is necessary.