Responsive Mobile Website

Responsive design, app or site for mobile devices

It is now obvious that you need to optimize your site for mobile devices, but it is important to think carefully about how to create it. This is because even while on the go, you always stay connected and therefore a site optimized for mobile devices also makes the difference. E-commerce are the main beneficiaries of the increase in mobile traffic, but if they are not fully optimized they will face possible drops in sales.

To avoid penalties from Google, many find themselves having to run for cover and thinking about optimizing their site for mobile devices. Without a doubt, creating a site from scratch is increasingly difficult and expensive, but it may prove to be the right strategy for you. It is therefore advisable to inquire and evaluate the pros and cons of each solution, including by relying on the help of professionals. For this Google provides valuable resources that will indicate the steps to follow whether you want to adapt your site yourself, or if you turn to an expert. But let's see in detail what web apps are, native apps, responsive design and when it is better to create a specific site for mobile devices.

generally, today, websites for mobile devices are an integration to the desktop version, of which they represent a reduced form. In fact, compared to those for desktop computers, sites for mobile devices respond to other needs, given the lower performance of the hardware and the need to generate less data traffic. So during the programming phase, particular attention must be paid to ensuring good loading times for the pages, to creating a simple and accessible interface for all to allow practical and fast navigation. Finally, it is up to the developer to adapt the site to the screen size of the device in use.

Internet Sprint offers you the new responsive websites, which dynamically adapt to the type of device that the user uses, be it a personal computer, a tablet or a smartphone. On each device, browsing the site will be comfortable for the visitor.

Why is this important?

There is a fact, the growth of so-called "mobile" traffic, that is, made by users who connect to the internet with devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Using special tools available to the webmaster, it is noted that "mobile" users tend to immediately abandon non-responsive websites, which do not automatically adapt to viewing on smartphones and tablets making navigation on the site difficult, uncomfortable, slow and cumbersome.

Why then miss out on useful visits when technology is ripe to meet these new users?

Ask for a quote for a responsive website without obligation, you will offer a better service to your users and you will not give advantages to the competition.